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The Mosel, the end and the begining!!!

all seasons in one day 25 °C
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Wow, so this was a really long time ago….I am going to summarize the next couple of days. next day was rough in the morning. We were all a bit tired and it was hot, really Fing hot. We met up with Christian, our guide for the next couple of days. Our day was packed as we went to three wineries.The one of note was Gutzler, as he showed us amazing Pinot. He noted that Pinots were his favorite and my God, were they amazing. Truly the greatest reds we had in the entire trip I believe. The Morstien was to die for and the reds of his reds were amazing. I got a lower end Pinot but if had been in the states, I would have bought a significant amount of the Morstien. SO Good, it had so much varietal character and the tannin was just succulent. We went to an awesome dinner at a restaurant/winery. We had an amazing dinner, and were super happy afterward. Christian was our guide the next couple of days.

I am sorry about my writing, I am simply having the worst meal of my life. I have never been treated so poorly and never get this Samsung netbook N250, I absolutely hate the mouse. It it so sensitive3 and every two seconds it does some phantom clicking and the curser is at a different part of my word document and I need to adjust where that shit is. But more poorly I leave Croatia with perhaps a very sour taste on my mouth. Every American traveler whom has entered the door has received scrutiny and pretty much forced to leave. They first told me that I could just have drinks, so I wanted to get fries, and then he was like no you have to order like a meal, so he went back and asked if I could be served a freaking burger. Meanwhile, locals receive none of the scrutiny, harassment or prejudice I have experienced. This town has just gotten sick of tourists and as a result looses some of its hospitality.

With that I segue into the fact that the Germans won third place that night over the Uruguans. I think the Uruguans played the most fundamental and solid soccer; they were so disciplined. They were all such smart soccer players. It was a pleasure to watch them play. Watch out for the Germans in 2014. They are about to Fuck. Shit. Up.

So there was another party at the Bed and Bath, it was schweet once again but not quite as corny. This is the worst restaurant ever. Oh my god. There was just a fire in the kitchen and now everyone is yelling at eachother, at least Shakira is being shown on the flat screen. Who doesn’t love Waca waca? I have now heard that song a couple times too many. Also I lo au dans. I think that’s what it is called. I hate this mouse, no matter how many times I change the mouse settings it still does the same shit.

Next day we went to the Mosel and met up with Mattias on the beginning of a very hot summer day. He is awesome and is a young wine maker in the Mosel. Being on the Rhine adds like 30% humidity. In all honesty, I can’t recall my tasting notes too much. But next the first place we went to did not impress me, but the wines were solid and we went to the top of the Mosel overlooking some of the more important vineyards and discussed the valley and the current state of winemaking and vineyard growing. It is difficult for the steep sloped people in the Mosel to be competitive because the classification system isn’t sufficient and doesn’t allow for the wine to be marketed to account for the higher costs of farming. The only thing preventing the change in labels are the powerful cooperatives producing by and far the largest amount of wine. After that we went to the Doctor; and it was amazing.

The door to the cave is on the side of this ridiculously steep slope, lined with slabs of slate waiting to come crashing down. The cellar opens and the cave is just old. If the lord of the rings had a wine cellar this would be it; water leaking from the ceiling, cobwebs painted across every angle and the walls were nothing but mold. They were literally alive. At the end of the entrance was this body of still water which was a cross of a well and the playboy mansion hot tub, as it bended around into nothing. Our flight of wines was amazing and the awesome winemaker, whose name is escaping me right now had a really well thought out tasting for us. It was here when I realized that a few, express and focused tasting were waaaaay better then just a plethora of wines from a year of several years and classifications. To remember the wines I would have to go back to my tasting notes, but I do remember that I really liked them. They were all very interesting, exotic and had really expressive noses coupled with mostly lean, austere bodies.

After that, the group went off to get frappucinos to discover that they were more like coffee flavored milk then anything else. Ouch. We were off to get comfy at the b and b we were staying in, a really couzy house with a winery below it. The owner, Kahtja Fehere was awesome and was connected and in tune with the wine scene in the Mosel. That night was quiet as we just hung out and drank a lot of wine around a table on the beautiful patio below the south facing vineyards of the Mosel. The next day was just JJ Pruhm and also the largest coop in the Mosel. We somehow managed to squeeze in a boatride on the Mosel! So awesome. The next day people started leaving, it was sad.

I apologize, I have simply waited waaay too long to write this….The trip was great, one of a kind and I will always remember the wines, the people and the relationships that evolved during that trip. It was such a good time. And unlike most things, it ended with a bang! Our last night was with Christian and Fabian Schaffer as we celebrated their graduation from the Univerity of the Gessienhiem, I was off to Frankfurt, Munich and then town to Croatia for my 6 weeks of freedom before going to the Balkans and having the time of my life. But that is neither here nor there. Let’s fast forward to crush, after the exploration of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovnia. August 28th, leaving from Dubrovnik Croatia to BCN, Spain………

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