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Champagne baby!

31 °C

So I arrived three days ago in Paris after a terrible but seemingly fast flight. I was quite sad to leave the people I love for so long, and part of me wanted to reach back, but life is short and this is something I need to do. Liberating. Scary. Raw and hopefully, amazing fun and blissful. I sat next to this old guy of a thousand smells, mainly moldy rind and rancid BO, made even more awkward by the fact that I tried to move three times, each time coming back backpack in hand.
Paris was awesome as I passed out under the tower to relax after a long flight. Yet I was not so warmly greeted as it took me 4 hours to get from the airport to my hostel because there was an accident on the train line, so we had to take a bus across the suburbs of Paris. I had a wonderful baguette with a lot of weak sauce. Still, Paris was great as I returned to the Eiffel Tour to watch the Spain Portugal game on like a 60 foot screen with the tour in the back drop. Pretty awesome. So are the ladies; I could spend all day in the metro wompeople watching. I’m convinced tbat the Parisians(at least the women) spend like 3 hours getting ready in the morning. I approve.
The first night was quiet as Junichi, one of my peers at UCD and I rad to go back to CDG to meet with the rest of the crew early in the AM. We did just that, but were surprised to find no one there just 5 minutes before our meeting time. Spirits were high as we set off in le blu vaux de Ford.
Our meetings with the Champagne producers haave been quite variable, but none was better the Dalomotte and Salon. It is by far the best Champagne I have ever had. The character in the wines were just amazing and it had such complexity. Personally the base character reminded me of my Aunt cooking her eggplant parmesan. Yet they had both horizontal and vertical complexity. The caramel and butterscotch notes were amazing on the front end and the ending dusty/”chalk” notes provided a clean finish without being harsh. But the acid, man is that important in creating the right balance livelihood in the wine. The wine and the experience were quite nice and something I won’t forget any time soon…..
Tomorrow, Stutgart. Pictures coming soon.

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Leaving America

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

all seasons in one day 29 °C

Five days until my trip.

5. That is not very many. As I leave, I can't remember I time when I was this proud to be an American. We beat England in round robin play, played, well, amazing soccer and have had incredible success in a sport where nothing is expected of Americans. As America prepares to play Ghana I cant help but to feel proud of my country and the courage and raw emotion that drives those eleven players on a pitch. I wouldn't want to be a Ghanaian right now.

I will be leaving for 5 months in 5 days. Holy crap. I haven't started packing, shit I don't even know what I am going to pack! I know this: I'm not packing alot. I really want to bring my bike, but 5 weeks riding solo goes against my best judgment, yet stirs large amounts of delicious and wild excitement in me. I have a box for my bike, but well see how feasible it is once I am there. Part of my desire to bring my bike is the fact that I will spend five weeks in Croatia and the surrounding Balkan countries. Those countries well, just aren't very big and 5 weeks is a long times to go training or busing around. Not to mention expensive. I feel as though things will play out and it will figure itself out. Really need to inquire about shipping costs from Paris to Frankfurt.

The topic that occupies most of my mind is leaving Davis. The people I have met here in Davis have made my times here as enjoyable and filled with love and joy as any part of my life. I will truly miss this beautiful city and the people that made it so special. Thank you Davis. I love you and will miss living in this bright, charming college town.

Europe, lets see how well we can do!!

Pura Vida

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Approaching; The World

And Fast. Holy Schwiza!

all seasons in one day 50 °C

Two weeks until graduation and twice as many until I leave for Paris on the 28th of June. The 'lasts' are zooming by. My last triathlon repin UCD; last Sunday at the Auburn half iron. My last soccer practice after 5 years of paying with the UCD club team? Wednesday. Friday was my last A capella concert after 5 years with the Afterglow. Quite a week. At this pace the last of my homework will be finished after graduation. Crap. Never been so apathetic towards school in my life.

Now I need to decide what to do between July 15th, when the DEVO wine tour ends in Frankfurt and August 21st, when I will start my harvest in Zaragoza, Spain. Friends? Biking? Flying? Training? I've never been zealous about planning and something tells me europe 2010 will not be the beginning.

I might be getting a bit too ahead of myself startin this blog on the early side, but this will be big. Real big. Exhilarating, draining, fun, disastrous, inspiring, fulfilling and hopefully safe.
The count down begins(for the world cup and for my trip).....

Pura Vida

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